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Mt. Pilgrim District Baptist District Association 
2500 35th Ave N Birmingham, Alabama 35207
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Mt. Pilgrim District Quarterly Meeting

District #2 - Brenda Jennings Yarbrough, Leader
Host Church: New Mt. Moriah Baptist Church,

330 Marsh Avenue, Hueytown, AL 35023,

Rev. Dr. Charles Winston, Jr., Pastor

Conference: August, 2022 (This is a in person conference)

District #4 - Cynthia Wesley, Leader
Host Church: Union Missionary Baptist Church,

1731 26th Ave, S. Rosedale/Homewood, AL 35209,

Rev. Edward Steele, Pastor

Conference: August 24-25, 2022 @6pm (Virtually)

Zoom Meeting ID: 940 040 5656
Zoom Passcode: 1STQUARTER

August 28, 2022 @2pm "Youth Session" (Sunday)

District #4 Program